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dj_stillborn's Journal

21 March
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Well, nothing particularly interesting about me, but here goes:

I'm Andy, 25, originally from a little shithole in Northumberland called Blyth. 99% of the people who read this will have never heard of it, be thankful and make sure it stays that way, trust me, it's a shithole.

I moved to Norwich in 1998 to go to UEA, where I got very drunk, but failed to get a degree. However, I did meet a great deal of my friends there so I'm not complaining about that :)

I live with my wonderful girlfriend Marie aka tetsuko_ who I love more than anything else in this world :)

I play guitar, badly, and attempt to write music, also badly. It may help if I practiced more. We (that's me and Marie) are supposed to be doing something music wise, but never seem to actually get around to it, that will definitely have to be a new years resolution I think. I have a BC Rich Beast, Ibanez S370 and Line 6 Flextone 3 XL and run Pro Tools on my PC. So I have far too much equipment to justify not being in a band or something. I am just lacking musical inspiration at the minute, but I'm sure I will snap out of it soon.

I play paintball, again, probably quite badly, but possibly a better paintballer than I am a guitarist. I'm also apparantly one of the few lucky 'ballers that has a girlfriend that plays too :) I'd like to get into, or start up, a tournament team and enter one of the beginner level tournaments next year (that'll be 2006, so if I haven't updated this by then, shout at me). I'm amost fully kitted out and Marie almost has all of her kit too. I've got a blue WDP Angel and Marie has a Purple/Blue Bob Long Intimidator.

I occasionaly promote bands and put on gigs, this used to be a regular occurence, but I've stopped doing as much as the general apathy of the norwich scene annoys me. I do enjoy doing promotion etc so I will have to do something soon, not necessarily music though. I have just sent a message to one of the writers for "Paintball Games International" about an idea to promote the tournament side of paintball, if he likes my idea I may be able to get to do some promotion to do with that. But we shall see.

Like I said, nothing hugely interesting about me and I'm not bothering to put any pictures on here (don't want to scare anyone :P ). So I do apologise if you just wasted your time reading all this crap.