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This might be a long one... - Andy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This might be a long one... [Aug. 6th, 2008|11:46 pm]
So, since I haven't updated for ages (again) this might turn out to be a long post...


Is going well, no one seems to have noticed that I've just been blagging it since I started last October and my feedback from my peers and superiors is very good. So good in fact that I've been put forward for a promotion. One day they'll notice that I make it up as I go along and it'll all come crumbling down!

Sporty stuff

I used to be really enjoy cycling before I moved to Norwich, I had a lovely Ridgeback mountain bike that was great for tearing around the local woods. But there was no where to keep it when I came to uni and I hadn't touched a bike for years. But last year I got myself a new bike, a Trek 4300, just a basic entry level mountain bike. Been commuting into work on that (about 5.5 miles each way) and me and tetsuko_ have been hitting the trails at Thetford now and again, much prefer the mountain biking element rather than just cycling on the roads. We've also dragged RobRob along and he enjoyed it so much he wants to do it some more, hopefully we will avoid breaking ourselves.

So, in an effort to do something to get me (and keep me) fit, I've started taking the cycling a bit more seriously. Foolishly agreed to do the Norwich 100 mile ride next June, which might kill me in my present physical condition so it's a good incentive to get fit. Have also checked out the Bike-A-Thon which is in September and me, Marie and RobRob may be doing that, it's 26 miles so should be easily do-able.

I'm also seriously considering racing in atleast one round of the Marin Winter Series at Thetford, it's a 2 hour race usually comprising of around 6 mile laps, you complete as many as you can within 2 hours (you can take longer than 2 hours, but your last lap has to start before the end of the time limit). I know I could *do* it, but I'm not sure how well/badly I'll do.


I have a week off soon, ages since I've had time off work and it coincides with Marie finishing her work as well, we already have plans for some of it - We're heading up to Afan MTB Centre in the Brecon Beacons for some hardcore cycling action. A little worried that it might be a huge step up from what we've ridden at Thetford, but should be fun and I'm really looking forward to it. Just keeping our fingers crossed for the weather!

The rest of the week, dunno, pottering around Norfolk seeing things we haven't seen despite living here was Marie's suggestion and that sounds good to me :)

Leigh & Tammy's wedding

Leighs stag do is this weekend. Karting and paintballing through the day, followed by food and drink and ending up at a 'Gentlemans Club'. Not sure how much of the evening I'll end up staying for due to cash flow restrictions, but I'm also a lightweight now due to not drinking much so I might have to be the sensible one needed there to talk to the police when Paul inevitably misbehaves :)

Also have my suit now, have arranged transport with Toby and Kris for the wedding do and looking forward to it.


Rock Band is awesome and since we've just acquired the System of a Down tracks there might have to be a night of rawk soon. I like hitting things with sticks best :D

Alone in the Dark is also pretty cool, haven't really played anything else lately.

Other stuff

My stepdad is quite ill at the moment, he's had to have brain surgery and it's looking like he'll be in hospital for a good few months yet and possibly not back at work until next year. There's not much anyone can say other than they're keeping him under observation and he's slowly improving. Although my Mum says that he's quite confused at the moment.

Also, my dog died on Saturday. He was old, nearly 16 and hasn't been very well for a while. But he couldn't stand up on Saturday and my Mum and brother had to take him to the vets to be put down. Quite upset about it really. Especially when I was talking to my mum and she was obviously upset about it. Bit weird knowing next time I go and visit he won't be there.

Right, need to have a quick bath now and then off to bed. It's already later than I thought it was! It was only 11 last time I looked at the clock damnit!